The quality of our fabrics is one of AIBON's differential attributes and one of the reasons why our brand is so special.

We bet on natural fabrics (even the labels are made with natural materials!).

We never use polyester or plastic derivatives.

We know that this commitment to natural and quality fabrics has costs (more ironing than a polyester garment), but the long-term benefits, as well as the comfort of the garments, more than compensate for two minutes of ironing.

Washing and ironing instructions:

  1. Handwash. If you prefer, our garments can also be washed in the washing machine using a delicate program.
  2. Hang on a hanger.
  3. Sometimes an iron is necessary (it only takes a few minutes). You can also try the following trick (as soon as the wash is finished, hang the garment on a hanger, smoothing out the wrinkles slightly, wait and let it line dry). In this way, fewer wrinkles will be generated and ironing will be easier.