You should know that how you put the washing machine can affect your consumption and the quality of your favorite clothes. Follow Aurora's advice to solve the most frequent mistakes that you surely make when doing laundry. Don't miss them!

1. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today

To prevent stains from setting on a garment, wash it as soon as possible. It will be easier to remove them.

2. Take care that it does not fade

To find out if a piece of clothing can fade, check it with this simple trick: rub it with cotton dipped in hot water in a hidden area, such as a hem, and iron this area between two white cloths. If the cotton or rags get stained, it will surely bleed.

3. Wash clothes inside out

This way we will make the colors last intense and bright for longer, especially denim fabrics and garments with prints.

4. Outfits go together

In the case of sets, we should wash all the garments that make them up at the same time, so that one does not lose more color or wear fabric than the other.

5. Washer temperature

Wash by hand or machine, always do it cold. Use hot water only to wash sheets and towels. It is the only way to eliminate mites and bacteria.

What happens when we wash at more than 30 degrees?

  • We waste energy.
  • We pollute the water more than if we do it in cold water. Cleaning products dissolved in hot water release a greater number of chemicals. If they are toxic we will be damaging our health and that of the planet.
  • We lose color and vividness in clothing patterns.
  • We fade, infecting other garments.
  • Certain fabrics, such as cotton and many others, will shrink.

In summary, these tips will help you avoid unpleasant surprises, save on your bill, extend the useful life of your garments and preserve the health of the environment. As you can see, all are advantages. 🙂

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Javier Gómez